A Village for Syrian Refugees


One day, refugees

…will no longer have to take on the dangerous journey across the sea to Europe.
…will no longer have to live in huge camps and in degrading conditions.
…will be treated like citizens in their host countries.
…will be living in villages and working to rebuild their homeland as they await the end of the war.
…will have the freedom to decide whether they wish to stay or go back home.

German Alliance Team

our Mission

Today, more than 90% of all Syrian refugees in Turkey live outside of the official camps.
Our Mission is to build villages for up to 1,500 people, in which they can live, work, and get education.

our Vision

Our Vision is to give back Syrian refugees their safety, home and future, wherever they are. Now.

our Organization

Our NGO is a humanitarian aid organization, founded in September 2015, based in Munich, Germany, operating in Turkey.